Akatsuki dating sim deidara

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Please come with suggestions if you want a spesificaction :3 I will credit you for the idea of course.

well here it is ^.^ my first flash on newgrounds (i've had 3 more on youtube, but the quality there is kinda crappy so thats why this ones going here).

The Naruto Gaiden manga novels have given fans of the manga and anime series more stories in the universe that many have grown up with.

Even after the main series ended with chapter 700, the stories in the Naruto universe continue in the form of novels featuring different characters. ”This is not the first time an Amazon listing revealed the release date of one of the Naruto Gaiden manga novels.

I have a handsome boyfriend who im very in love with. But what started out as a simple prank and an intent to humiliate suddenly leads to a different course of actions. Now Sasuke’s sanity and life are on the line, and Itachi has only one objective – turning his obsession into his possession. Yaoi in later chapters, torture, and other stuff that I forgot. New chap[AU][Yaoi: Sasu Naru Ita, Ita Sasu] In the war of angels and demons, Lord Itachi of the demon realm wages war agains the peace-loving angels, who doesn't want to fight.

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For Bleach, the bald Ikkaku Madarame, 3rd Seat of the Eleventh Division in the Gotei 13.

Finally, Yachiru Kusajishi (Bleach), the girl with pink hair lieutenant of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13, was added as a summon character.

PERSONAL: i watch a decent amount of anime, but thank god im over my weeaboo phase. But Link finds himself entwined in a twisted thread of fate as he is broken down in humiliating ways by this newfound enemy. Story told from Sasuke's point of view of life as an imprisoned slave. Hell would be a blessed sanctuary to the life of a pillow child. Sasori was a normal prince, dealing with the normal hardships of life when he gets his own servant for his birthday. It would be just like any other time he had come to get information.

Steven Universe has become my only reason for living at this point. Ghirahim x Link, YAOIAnnoyed by his rival's constant presence around Zelda, Groose decides to pay Link a late night visit with a jar of honey. Itachi had been missing since the mysterious slaughter of his and Sasuke's parents. Story Rated for: Yaoi, Sexual Abuse, Incest, Rape, language, and torture. WARNING: If sad endings and character deaths are not your type of story, please choose another story to read. But things don't always go as plan for the certain duo. What a waste of time." Sasori turned to ignore Deidara. Give Roy what he wants, and Ed would get what he wanted.[Descriptive Yaoi rape.

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