Freaky dating

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The R&B singer recently put the beat-down on a Cash Money female employee for being at her secret boo Birdman’s LA crib.

The female employee denied having a romantic relationship with her balling azz boss and even filed a restraining order against Keyshia.

Next time tell him to handle his own laundry and save yourself the grief.

He freaks out every time you make a decision without him.

If your partner freaks out every time you show a little cleavage, it’s probably time to use it to find their replacement. And there’s really no reason for it because, duh, your friends are awesome.

He’s just threatened that you’re telling your crew too much and that sooner or later they’re going to convince you to ditch the control freak. Whenever he asks you to do something for him like iron his shirts, he always complains you didn’t do it right.

If you still aren’t convinced, here are 17 other ways to tell: He checks your phone.

And not just your call log and texts – he wants to know if you’ve been getting chatty with someone on Words with Friends, whose pictures you’ve been liking on Instagram, and if you ever deleted your Tinder app. It’s not enough that you let him look through your phone to make sure you aren’t talking to any of your exes, now he wants the passwords to your email and social media accounts to make sure you aren’t doing anything online that he wouldn’t approve of. Just because you don’t want your privacy invaded doesn’t mean you have something to hide, but your unwillingness to cooperate to his search and seizures just makes him all the more suspicious. You wanted to make plans with your friends for a change this weekend, but he isn’t having it.

From the site where each partners post photos of themselves to determine if they can “do better”, to the online page designed to bring together “adult Babies and diaper lovers”, these ridiculously freaky niche dating sites will put you off finding love on the internet forever. Foot Fetish, the UK dating site which promises to “Satisfy Your Urge for Sucking, Licking and Sniffing Sexy Feet” Do sexy feet excite me?

(Actually you can, but let's just go with it because chocolate ice cream is the best.)6. If he's got rhythm at da club, he's probably got rhythm on your own private dance floor (uh, that's your bed). Guys who are shitty to women are just bad news in general, and you can be damn sure they're terrible in bed because they don't care about the ladies. Smell is a huge thing when it comes to attraction, so if you can't get enough of your man's scent, you're gonna go HAM on him when you two are alone. Being good in bed requires improvisation — some people like certain things and other people like the opposite of those things. Which means he has what it takes to work as hard as necessary to get the job done. Guys who are too good-looking or too often praised for whatever reason get complacent.

Not physically (though that doesn't hurt), but he's not too set in his ways.

We have a feeling this is going to make Dove that much more relatable!

As for her friendship with Kiersey, we'll be on the look out to see if it turns into anything more.

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