Is bosco wong still dating myolie wu

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Her beau of 8 years Bosco Wong will unfortunately not have a happy ending with Myolie Wu as she has chosen Hong Kong high-flying financier Mr Phil instead. He has played of this media portrayal to enhance his image to meet women such as myolie.

In the morning, he and his 23 groomsmen pulled up at her apartment in nine cars, including a Ferrari, a BMW, a Porsche and two Rolls-Royces, said Apple Daily.

Since their relationship ended on a bad note, Myolie had been treating Bosco as if he were invisible.

According to tabloids, Bosco sent her many text messages in hopes of getting back together, only to never receive a reply.

On August 22, TVB artists appeared at the China International Film Festival in Beijing, where the ex-couple met once again.

Bosco reportedly took this grand opportunity to reconcile with Myolie.

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