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In the final judging, the judges selected Linkletter over the runner-up Nik Pace.Tyra said of Linkletter, "..has the model 'thing' more than any of our other winners—the body type, the face type and the attitude….Adrianne, now 32, is extremely active on social media and makes regular appearances at comic conventions — not as a celebrity guest, but as a cosplaying fan.

When Nicole was a finalist on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 5, her beauty and talent didn’t exactly propel her to the top of the group.

She reminds me of the girls I modeled with when I was in Europe when I was 17 years old." Fellow judges Twiggy and Nigel Barker likened Linkletter's look to that of an "English rose".

Although she had some of the best photos of the whole competition, she often did not receive as much recognition as some of the other contestants because of her seemingly "sour" facade and not breaking from pretty to beautiful in her photos.

Nicole had gotten into a fight with fellow Top Model Finalist, Bre Scullark, when the former poured her energy drink down the sink and then proceeded to lie about it.

Nicole was also quite insecure about her pale complexion, which greatly contrasted with her bright brown hair.

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