Playstation 3 updating problems

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Whatever storage method you use, you need to create a new folder on the drive called “PS3” and then download the new firmware to it.

So, with Safe Mode activated and a controller plugged in, insert your flash drive and select option 6 “System Update.” Then press Select and Start at the same time to initiate the update from the USB stick.

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However, if 4.45 bricked your machine then the process of getting it working again is a little more involved.I live in Nigeria and unfortunately my console is not covered by warranty and there is no Play Station service centre available in the country so my only hope of getting my console working without having to buy a new console which I can't afford now (baby on the way, wifey will kill me if I try to buy a new one) is from you guys.Please help a brother out, depression is setting in fast.Users who weren't locked out of the Play Station 3's Xross Media Bar will be able to download PS3 firmware 4.46 through the System Update menu.Sony has also issued step-by-step instructions for those affected by the faulty 4.45 firmware, detailing the process to download the firmware file manually from a computer and then installing it on the PS3 in safe mode via a USB stick.

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