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We had to add a whole new zoom level to let users see it.

The internet is faster now than when TSO was launched, so we have been able to let each house have more simultaneous visitors.

Each goal consists of using these interactions for 15 minutes.

Your Sim will be given two goals at once you can choose from, which will continuously cycle between these four goals.

A lot of new users are constantly joining us and we expect more.

Readers of Sims Community are getting this announcement before I post it on my blog!

These are saved in the Family Inventory, and can be bought at any time before a performance or to decorate your Sim's home. There are statues, backdrops, lights, and even special effects that can be placed on the stage.

The design of your stage does have an impact on the reviews of a Sim's performance.

If you're into her, you'll get stage props from her California Dreams tour, and Katy Perry hair. These function similar to the self-employment professions from Ambitions, giving the player a weekly stipend along with flexibility in when they perform.

All three must schedule gigs at several new venues that award money based on the performer's level and the size of venue.

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