Updating rhel4

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This provides us with a yum repository we can access to install the latest versions of core packages such as Python, My SQL, Apache (and PHP if we were using it) and although they are not supported by Rackspace, the project is maintained and sponsored by them.Indeed, our Rackspace support team ran the installation of the new version of Python for us.

I am hoping someone here could maybe point me in the right direction, I feel I may be grasping for straws at this point.

Yeah I figured I'd have to compile from source, it should be an interesting venture.

I have not yet tried the official way, gotta wait for su on the box so I can get yum on there.

The IUS Community Project is aimed at providing up to date and regularly maintained RPM packages for the latest upstream versions of PHP, Python, My SQL and other common software specifically for Redhat Enterprise Linux.

IUS can be thought of as, “A better way to upgrade RHEL” when you really need to.

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